Sunday, November 2, 2014

Thankful Post #1

Hellllooooo!!  So, yes, I've been missing for quite sometime now :).  Life is actually going along quite well.  I don't know if I'm returning to blogging, but for this month I will be.

My oldest daughter (known here as Mustang) just started her own blog.  It's set to private, so I can't share it.  But, I have asked her to post each day this month something she is thankful for.  She agreed, but only if I did it, too!  So, here I am.

Today I am thankful for 1 John 4:19,  "We love Him because He first loved us."


God's love.

Without Him, love wouldn't exist at all.

Without love, there would be nothing to be thankful for.

And, to know that He loved us first...amazing.

To know that He loved us before we even thought of TRYING to be 'good enough' (which we can't do, but at least we could try, right?).  To know that He loved us while we could CARE LESS about Him and His plan.

To know that He-God of the universe-stopped what he was doing to pick me up, hold me close, and show ME-teeny tiny, dust of the earth, human-His perfect and FREE love.  Amazing.

"We love Him because He first loved us."  And I, am eternally thankful.

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